Covenant Health resumes Covid reports

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We’re still in a pandemic, folks, even if we all want it to end. Wishing does not make it so. And the state and county health departments have reduced information to a once-a-week posting. We need easy, accessible testing, more people getting vaccinated and quicker information. That’s why this is good news:

Covenant Health has resumed Covid-19 reports to the community via an online dashboard. The dashboard shows collective data from Covenant Health’s nine acute-care hospitals, as well as hospital-specific data for each facility. Covenant Health’s nine hospitals are in eight counties: Anderson, Claiborne, Cumberland, Hamblen, Knox (2), Loudon, Roane and Sevier.

The dashboards will be updated daily at noon at and shared on health system and hospital Facebook pages Monday through Friday.

The dashboards reflect case counts by ICU and non-ICU patients, the percentage of unvaccinated patients by ICU and non-ICU, the median age of patients in the ICU and those not in the ICU, and a 30-day trend of case numbers.

Covenant Health recommends following the five core actions to prevent coronavirus infections: social distancing, wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and cleaning surfaces regularly, staying home when sick and getting vaccinated. Covenant Health encourages everyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine and a flu shot to help prevent the spread of illness and protect the health of our communities. More information is available at

For individuals who may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or symptoms of other non-emergency conditions, Covenant Health offers “Helen,” a virtual chat-bot that can assist visitors to with symptom checking and scheduling an appointment with a physician.

Information provided by Covenant Health PR/Communications; introduction provided by Sandra Clark.

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