City, state officials inspect McCampbell Drive discharge

Sandra ClarkFountain City

It looks like help is at hand for the family of James McMillan, the farmers that Betty Bean wrote about last Thursday (here).

A call to the city on Aug. 1 resulted in this response from Kristin Farley, communications director.

“Here is the latest as I know it: We inspected multiple times last week (including an inspection with the developer, the city and TDEC). There are more inspections planned this week, including one that I have been told happened this morning.

“We have also initiated enforcement, with the issuance of 2 Notice of Violations (NOVs) at this site for previous issues.”

Meanwhile, McMillan continues daily documentation of conditions on White’s Creek and Murphy Creek where discharge from a new phase of construction at Legends at Oak Grove continues to discharge sediment in the creeks.

Heavy rains over the weekend did not help as McCampbell Drive was completely underwater at one point. Under orange water.

McMillan copied on emails he sent Saturday and Sunday. “Tonight (07/31), I documented unrestricted flows with mobilized sediment flooding across McCampbell Drive at four different locations,” he wrote. “I started at 9:20 p.m. with 0.9 of rain and ended at 10 p.m. with 1.7 of rain, well below any minimum requirements.”

The city has not contacted James or other family members. He said he knew about the inspections because he saw inspectors on-site.

The Legends at Oak Grove was voluntarily annexed into the city, while most of the property nearby is outside the city, including the McMillan farm.

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