Can it get any worse?

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Ran into Bill Weigel this morning. He was muttering about people from “up north” calling him to ask what’s going on at Tennessee.

Reminded me of this David Climer (former Tennessean sports guy) tweet:

“Back when the University of Tennessee had real leadership, Andy Holt referred to the Vols athletics program as ‘the front porch of the university.’ Well, here’s the current view …”

And the answer to that rhetorical headline is, “Why yes, it can.” Tune in Chancellor Beverly Davenport’s press conference at 4 p.m.

My vote for AD and coach – Jim McIntyre. He’s already on the UT payroll as an expert on leadership.

… And while I’m ranting, the News Sentinel’s vendetta against Tim Burchett, based on the obviously biased source of his ex-wife, is wearing thin. It’s not in print yet, but it was online this morning: Allison Burchett and three anonymous sources say Tim is being investigated by the FBI.

B.S. Tim’s only “crime” is marrying the wrong spouse … but he fixed that ASAP.


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