Burchett draws diverse support in race for Congress

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Tim Burchett is a natural politician; his best friends are legendary.

A couple of them are hosting events over the next month. You couldn’t ask for more diversity.

Howard Phillips and Richard Bean are inviting everyone – “Come one, come all” – to a Baloney Cutting for Burchett, 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28, at Powell Auction, 6729 Pleasant Ridge Road (behind Walmart on Clinton Highway).

These events are well-known for music and fellowship, minimal speech-making, fried baloney sandwiches, Moon Pies and R.C. Colas.

For those with $1,000 to invest, Victor and Joan Ashe are hosting a reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17, at their home, 3709 Kingston Pike. Extra parking is available at Seventh Day Adventist Church. Info: Thomsen Smith, 615-330-6300 or [email protected]

Co-hosts include former Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey; attorneys John King, Richard Krieg, Mark Mamantov, Culver Schmid, Mike McClamroch and Arthur Seymour Jr.; doctors Penny Lynch and Kimbro Maguire; and an assortment of Ashe friends, family and neighbors.

Sunday talk shows
We watch them so you don’t have to.

Will the GOP repeal Obamacare this week?

The Tennessee This Week pundits said: Craig Griffith, yes; Terry Adams, no; George Korda, unlikely. In Craig’s defense, the show probably was taped on Thursday, before Sen. John McCain said on Friday that he will vote no.

My guess: The bill won’t pass, although it’s a slippery plan to dump a big, costly problem onto the states.

My question: What’s it about Kentucky that sends Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul to the Senate to battle on major issues?

Stephanie Welch and Rebecca Parr, city council candidates from District 1, were on TTW. Welch is the continuity candidate, endorsed by the term-limited Nick Pavlis. Parr is a populist, not afraid to consider a tax increase if needed and favoring programs that help people with housing and such over a face-lift for a quarry.

My guess: SoKno folks are happy with progress under Mayor Rogero and Pavlis. Continuity wins, and so does Welch.

Same candidates on WBIR’s Inside Tennessee. Panelist Don Bosch grilled Parr like she was a witness tying his client to high crimes. When asked about Regal Entertainment moving to a former physicians’ building at the Baptist Hospital site, Parr had “mixed emotions,” while Welch was ecstatic. Both candidates are intriguing and smart, and one of them will win. They would make a great program for a civic club or social group.

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