Buchanan is ‘holding us hostage’

Sandra ClarkKnox Notes

Mike McMillan, veteran school board member, lashed out at Knox County Health Department Director Dr. Martha Buchanan at the April 14 board meeting: “I don’t have much faith in what Dr. Buchanan tells us because I think she’s holding us hostage and who knows how long that could go on if she could do that. When she told me that the CDC was less political now than it was 30 or 60 days ago, whatever, I would strongly disagree with that.”

He was followed by a student speaker who thanked the health professionals and urged the board to “follow the science.”

Mayor Glenn Jacobs said not all fairy tales begin with Once Upon A Time. “Some begin with ‘when I am elected to office …’”

CAK High School’s production of “Freaky Friday” will be April 15-17 with ticket details here. This is the first musical theatre production at the school since the Covid-19 pandemic began last year. Click here for a YouTube preview of the show.

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