Breaking: Jacobs’ aide blasts Schoonmaker

Betty BeanFeature

Bryan D. Hair, chief of staff to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, has responded to a comment by Knox County Commissioner John Schoonmaker on an earlier post about the pension lawsuit dispute:
“Commissioner Schoonmaker voted to keep the Mayor’s proposal off the Commission agenda and out of public forum. Now, he’s placed out-of-town business over a high-profile lawsuit which will have a strong impact on his constituents.”
Hair continued: I’d like for the Commissioner to explain his statement referring to the mayor’s proposal as a “little thing” to both the citizens of his district that have had their share of more than $600,000 and rising in taxes wasted on this lawsuit in addition to the men and women in the KCSO that are having the benefits that were promised taken from them.
“Commissioners Carringer, Jay and Biggs cancelled their trips to the same conference that Commissioner Schoonmaker is attending and are placing their priority on Knox County business. Their hotel reservations were refunded in full and the county will not have to reimburse their mileage nor pay travel per diem. If Commissioner Schoonmaker would like to attend the conference and not miss a vote, there will be an opportunity for him to add this to Monday’s agenda or explain to his constituents why he chose to not represent them on such a pivotal matter next Thursday.”

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