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Last week, we fought The Revolutionary War in the book recommendations. Let us continue the theme with The Book Whisperer’s recommendation of Katharine McGee’s four-book Young Adult series this week: American Royals.

What if General George Washington had become King at the end of the war with Great Britain?

You should have a little bit more background about me before we continue. Twenty-some years ago, I was a U.S. history and government teacher, so I did wonder what life in America would be like if George had agreed to accept a crown. That is the world the author builds in this series PLUS we have a Queen as the monarch. (Yes, I love that twist!)

In Book 1, American Royals, McGee introduces the reader to the House of Washington 250 years after the end of The Revolutionary War. The book blurb describes it as Crazy Rich Asians meet The Crown, and I agree. We meet the heir to the throne, Princess Beatrice, her twin siblings, Princess Samantha and Prince Jefferson, their friends and their loves.

Book 2 is Majesty, and America has a queen for the first time in its history. The adjustment is difficult for the Royals and the public! My daughter refused to finish the last three chapters because she was so upset in a plot twist. I understand. What was the author thinking?! I was invested in the story, so I waited impatiently for Book 3.

Friends become enemies, and rivals become allies in Book 3, Rivals. Relationships are turned upside down, and political alliances change. Who can the Royals trust?

Reign is the fourth and final book in the American Royals series. One Royal is in a coma, another is missing and the one least likely to reign is the Sovereign. All the manipulations and secrets will finally be revealed. Will the House of Washington survive to reign another day?

If you like the Young Adult genre, read American Royals. If you have never read a Young Adult novel, American Royals is a great place to start. All Hail the Queen!

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