Bob Fischer will challenge county mayor

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Folks on Facebook may recognize the handle fischbobber. It is Bob Fischer, recently retired from UPS and an activist for people wearing masks and getting vaccinated to combat Covid.

I backed into this story. After I wrote Friday about Mayors Kincannon and Glenn Jacobs, fischbobber posted some anti-Jacobs comments. In a stab at transparency, I responded that Fischer has picked up a petition to challenge Jacobs in 2022.

I got a 1,500-word email from Bob, thanking me for “breaking the news.” He continued with the least political statement I’ve heard:

“As I said, I don’t really want this job, but I simply couldn’t, in good conscience, let Glenn Jacobs waltz to a second term unopposed. I don’t think my chances of winning are very good, nor do I see Mayor as the way I can most help this community.”

He went on to outline a platform. I emailed him, asking for a picture. He wrote back saying he didn’t have one suitable for the campaign, but he would get one. The photo above is the result.

With that said, let’s look at Fischer’s platform:

Public health and Covid response: “We cannot function as a major economic entity by pushing our hospitals to the brink of collapse twice a year. No CEO with half a brain is going to open shop in a town with these sorts of policies,” he wrote.

Fischer said Covid mitigation has been undermined “within the Glenn Jacobs cult,” yet some 60% of Knox Countians have gotten their first shot. “That tells me that the majority at least believe Covid is real. We will build on that.”

He concluded: “We don’t need draconian government enforcement and overreach; we need responsible government advocating for the best outcome for all. I think laws and mandates would be counterproductive at this point. … All this issue ever needed was responsible government response. We haven’t had that.”

Labor: Fischer will work to get every single job in Knox County above a poverty wage, which he says is $13.36 per hour, and to get county employees even higher. When he saw school system salaries: “I literally started crying, trying to figure out how some of these folks are even making it.”

Taxation: “Frankly, this county appears to be so mismanaged, that I’m not sure we’ll have to have (a tax increase). If a tax increase is legitimately needed, I will advocate for it. If we can fix things by eliminating fraud, double pay-outs, unneeded positions and corruption, we’ll do it that way.”

Deputies: Fischer will push to pay Sheriff’s Office deputies fairly, as professionals, and hold them accountable for professional standards. He is tired of “kicking that can down the road.”

Republicans: “I expect the Republican Party to ignore me until they can’t.”

Democrats: “I’ve got a good relationship with the party, but frankly, I’m not sure they know what to make of me as a candidate.” In other words, Fischer was not recruited to run.

Where else but America can a UPS guy square off against a professional wrestler for the county’s top administrative job? I love politics.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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