Billboard bill heads to summer study

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Legislation that would allow the state’s billboard industry to update and replace older boards with electronic/digital boards will not pass this year. Senate sponsor Becky Massey confirmed Monday that she will move to refer SB 1760 for summer study, effectively stopping the bill from consideration this year.

In previous stories here and here, Knox TN Today has given voice to Joyce Feld of Scenic Knoxville and Nick Della Volpe, former city council member, who are concerned that the new state law would override local municipal zoning restrictions and ordinances that limit electronic boards.

Massey said the law would not affect Knoxville, a home-rule municipality. She also said, “SB 1760 does not allow one new billboard. The amendment will restrict the digital boards to interstates, not in neighborhoods.”

The Senate State & Local Government Committee meets Tuesday, March 8. Massey is expected to offer the amendment and then move for the bill’s referral to summer study.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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