Bill Mullins made a difference in Knoxville

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Bill Mullins, former Knoxville business owner now living in Parsons TN, passed away Sept. 14, 2020, at age 88.

Former Knox County commissioner Bob Thomas wrote: “I am sad to hear that Bill Mullins has passed. Bill was a great friend. He was one of the most kind and generous persons I have ever met.

“And what a difference he made in Knoxville! The Mullins Tobacco Warehouses were a big fixture in East Knoxville. Bill also owned one of the first airport limousine services. He owned Buster Muggs on Neyland Drive (now Calhoun’s) which was THE place to go with bands like the Temptations and Four Tops and many, many more.

“And who could forget his 50th birthday in August of 1982? He held an outdoor concert at his Cumberland Plateau farm with Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, the Oak Ridge Boys and many more! It made national news long before FB and Twitter. Jim Clayton and I flew to Crossville for the show in his helicopter and circling over that huge crowd was an unforgettable sight.

“Bill and I became such great friends that my wife, Kim, and I were married at his farm in New Market. Later in life Bill lived in Florida and then back to Tennessee in Parsons. He had so many friends and he helped so many people. Bill will forever be remembered by many in Knoxville and beyond. My condolences to his wife, Kay. Rest in peace brother.”

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