Bee Balm

Christopher RobinArts 865

Too often in landscape photography we focus on giant distant mountains, the vast prairie or the far horizon of the open ocean. We try to capture the grandeur of it all in a single simple photo of “everything in sight.” This approach often creates a beautiful photo that so confuses the viewer’s eye that they quickly move on to the next image.

Sometimes the best broad landscape image lies at your feet. Look down or find a nearby item to put into the foreground of your photo with just enough background to tell the story.

For this image I waded into the tall grasses and flowers at the west end of Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I focused on the nearby Bee Balm composing with just enough of the mountains and sky to create curiosity on where this might be. If you are like most people, your eyes will drift back to the fog and mountains but return time and again to search the flowers in the foreground.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer each week share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. Their website is Email them at If a particular piece interests you for your home or office, please contact them. All works are copyright protected.


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