Apartment transfers for $14 million are week’s largest

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The last week of the month is typically busy for the Register’s office. Last week was no exception: We recorded 296 property transfers and 446 loans.  That makes the totals for the month of August 1,237 property transfers and 1,763 loans!

The highest dollar property transfer of last week also happens to be the largest loan of the week. The owners of the Canyon Apartments and Knox Landing Apartments, Canyon Knox GP and 600 Inskip Partners, have transferred interest in these properties to 600 E Inskip Dr LLC and Canyon Knox Project LLC for $14 million. A loan in the amount of $10.8 million was obtained by the new ownership from Jones Lang Lasalle Multifamily LLC.

Another multimillion-dollar property transfer was for the Zips Car Wash on Kingston Pike near West Hills. This $3 million transfer was between SCF RC Funding IV LLC and Mathis Apartments Inc.

BAE Holdings LLC signed a $4.45 million-dollar deed of trust with Mountain Commerce Bank encumbering various properties owned by BAE Holdings LLC throughout Knox County.

Mesana Investments LLC took out a loan from Citizens Bank in the amount of $4.15 million to be used for construction on property located on Coward Mill and Pellissippi Parkway.

Overall, the month of August had 1,237 property transfers totaling $350.54 million dollars, and 1,763 loans were obtained that totaled $483.87 million dollars.

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Nick McBride is the register of deeds for Knox County.


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