Allen to discuss body cam evidence

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Attorney General Charme Allen will hold a press conference today (4/15) to discuss issues surrounding the release of body camera evidence in the Austin-East shooting that resulted in the death of Anthony J. Thompson Jr., 17.

Spoiler alert: She will be against it.

Allen has resisted releasing the evidence in “an on-going and active investigation.”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released additional information at 4 p.m. April 14. Read that release here.

The big news – the bullet that injured School Resource Officer Adam Wilson was not fired from the student’s gun. The TBI says “the student’s gun was fired. This was followed by law enforcement firing twice.” Our earlier report is here.

Meanwhile, at Wednesday’s school board meeting, Evetty Satterfield, who represents the Austin-East community, said several people have asked what they can do to help. “Demand transparency. Release the tapes,” she said.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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