Knoxville Y offers personal training

Sandra ClarkOur Town Health

Interesting news from Kim Ballard, chief operating officer at the Knoxville Y.

The Y offers personal training. “Our nationally certified trainers will coach, motivate and inspire you to reach your personal goals, and achieve the results you want for your body and your life,” according to her post.

Sessions can be one-on-one or “buddy packs” at a reduced rate. Aquatic personal training is also available. “Our water fitness professionals are certified and can help you gain greater strength, range of motion, flexibility, muscle tone and increased cardiovascular health,” said Ballard. “Sessions are held in one of our heated pools.”

Detailed information is available here. The website shows cost and benefits including:

  • Initial wellness consultation
  • Ongoing fitness assessments every 12 weeks
  • Nationally certified personal trainers that specialize in providing motivation, encouragement and accountability
  • Customized training programs developed based on your goals and needs
  • Online food logs and nutrition tracking through ActivTrax.

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