Polar bear sets out to ‘Save the Arctic’

Sandra ClarkOur Town Youth

Local author Bethany Stahl has published the second book in her “Save the Earth” series for children. “Save the Arctic,” written and illustrated by Stahl, is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

It carries a five-star rating from reviewers. Comments include: “Gorgeous colors and striking illustrations will draw children and adults into this story” and “Love this story. Easy for children to understand what is happening in our oceans and what is needed to be done to help. Great pictures.”

Another reader called it an “age-appropriate look at real-world effects of climate change.”

Stahl outlines the plot: Nanu, a lonely polar bear, searches for dinner. The ice is melting, and the animals are disappearing! During his search, he makes an unlikely friend with Toklo, a silly beluga whale. The friends work with a native girl, Ahnah, as they figure out how everyone can work together to help “Save the Arctic.”

Stahl came to Knoxville in 2015 with a lifelong love of stories, art and inspiring children. She writes picture books that inspire supporting our environment, self-love and acceptance. This is her fourth children’s book. She and her family live in Mascot.

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