Top Ten Reasons to Join the Beaver Creek Flotilla

Sandra ClarkFeature, Powell

You know by now that Powell will celebrate the opening of the Beaver Creek water trail with a Flotilla at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 4. What you might not know is what to expect if you show up to float or just watch.

The Flotilla will:

  • Give Justin Bailey a chance to explore his inner pirate.
  • Fulfill Bill Weigel’s destiny to be “the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.”
  • Check off an item on Carolyn Wells’ bucket list.
  • Enable Steven Goodpaster to change his email handle from “general” to “admiral.”
  • Create dozens of new patients for Dr. Don Wegener in a single morning.
  • Recall the swashbuckling spirit of the area’s early and more recent settlers: Granny Collier, Marvin and Sarah West, Snooks Scarbro and Columbus Powell.
  • Give R. Larry Smith a chance to say, “Shiver-me-timbers” and “yo-ho-ho.”
  • Permit Captain Jim Wright of the Sheriff’s Office to prove his worth by protecting the armada from “Jaws” (see item above).
  • Allow the scribe Austin White to be the Mark Twain of the Mighty Beaver Creek.
  • Let Bart Elkins proclaim: “We’re no Long John Silver’s, but every Thursday is ‘fish night’ at The Front Porch.”

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