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Frank Cagle has joined Knox TN Today. His first column will appear Wednesday morning. Frank was one of four local opinion writers cut in June by the daily paper. (The others were Greg Johnson, Ina Hughs and Mark Harmon.)

Cagle is the real deal. He worked for the News Sentinel since 1982, retiring as managing editor to join the administration of then-Mayor Victor Ashe as deputy. He ran communications and policy for the Van Hillary for Governor campaign, and he would have been everybody’s go-to guy had Hillary won.

Nobody knows more about state government. (And I hate to admit this, but Cagle actually has about 50 more followers on Facebook than Knox TN Today. Of course, he’s been around longer!)

A Vietnam veteran, Frank and wife Tracy live on a farm in Strawberry Plains. They have three grown children and two grandchildren. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing. We’re absolutely thrilled to add his voice to our lineup.

Why I love this job

We get 100-plus emails each day, touting local businesses, civic groups and events. One of my favorites is the Scruffy City Times from Scott and Bernadette West. It’s funny yet informative – what we all aspire to be.

Anyhow, the highlight last week was this summer-celebration strawberry cake, available in the new barista-bourbon bar at Uncorked Market Square. Salivating!

Gossip and lies
  •  Beth Harwell has been endorsed for governor by the Tennessee Education Association and the state employees association, a supporter called to say. OK.
  • Candidates paying big bucks for marketing help expect to get smooth and memorable words. Last week mailers came from Jimmy Matlock, who pledged to defend “faith, firearms & freedom,” and Tim Burchett, who said he is “pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump.”
  • Got it, guys. Now tell us how you feel about the national debt, immigration and healthcare.
  • You know why politicians keep treating us like morons? Because we keep electing them!

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