Beverly Road developer withdraws rezoning request

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The aspiring developer of a controversial Beverly Road subdivision got his sector plan amendment request approved at Knox County Commission Monday but withdrew his rezoning request before Commissioner John Schoonmaker’s motion to limit the development to 100 dwelling units total came to a vote.

A withdrawal is considered a denial for parliamentary purposes, so Randy Guignard will have to wait a year before he can present a new plan to the Metropolitan Planning Commission and re-start the process. And there’s another hitch, too:

“The new application has to be considered substantially different,” said Metropolitan Planning Commission Executive Director Gerald Green.

Green said that anything near the 2.75 to 3.1 dwelling units Guignard has asked for at various times during the application process would not be considered a “substantial” difference.

Guignard’s proposed subdivision drew heavy opposition from the surrounding neighborhoods, and from Fountain City and North Knoxville neighborhoods located along flood-prone Broadway corridor. Traffic concerns were an additional concern for neighbors on Beverly Road and Tazewell Pike.

Guignard’s surveyor, Benny Moorman, struck a nerve with some commissioners when he said he ignored the county’s Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan because it’s “just a tool” that devalues property.

“This of all properties I’ve seen while on this commission is the one it (the hillside protection plan) most applies to,” said commission chair Randy Smith.

“This piece of property is unique,” said Brad Anders. “I think (your request is) an overuse and it’s not up to us to fix your costs on a bad piece of property. I’m not comfortable with the comments you made…  I’ll be in the 2- (unit) range, probably.”

Smith said he would support around 1.5 units per acre, and Schoonmaker made a motion to approve only 100 units on the whole parcel, which District 2 Commissioner Michele Carringer (who represents the Beverly Road neighborhood) seconded.

Ray H. Jenkins and other members of his family own the property.

How they voted

Michele Carringer’s motion to deny the sector plan amendment failed 4-7. Voting yes were Carringer, John Schoonmaker, Dave Wright and Bob Thomas; voting no were Evelyn Gill, Randy Smith, Carson Dailey, Ed Brantley, Charles Busler, Brad Anders and Hugh Nystrom.

Evelyn Gill’s motion to approve the sector plan change passed 6-5. Voting yes were Gill, Brantley, Busler, Anders, Smith and Dailey. Voting no were Carringer, Thomas, Schoonmaker, Nystrom and Wright.

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