The Abigail Apartments in Bearden sell for $21.2 million

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1492 documents were recorded in the first week of May. 325 of those were loans with a combined value of $185.7 million dollars. There were 8 loans for amounts over $1 million, the highest of those was funded by Allianz Life Insurance and Global Risk Insurance Companies for $70.8 million. Greystone Servicing Company LLC’s $14.13 million loan was the second largest, while Bank of America’s $6 million loan was the third. The others:

Property transfers accounted for 286 of the recorded deeds. The combined value was $139.16 million with an apartment complex coming in as the highest-priced property of the week. The Abigail Apartments complex on Summit Circle in the Bearden area was sold by Greentree Homes Owner LLC to Abigail Apartments LP for $21.2 million. Greentree owned the property for 2 years, purchasing it in June 2021 for $15.4 million. That’s quite a return on investment!

There were 13 other property transfers of one million dollars or more including 7560 Chapman Highway. Hilmar Chapman LLC sold the property currently leased by AFC and Aspen Dental, to L&M Partners Group LLC for $3.25 million.

In the Halls Community, the Kroger Company sold part of the former Kroger’s parking lot and the undeveloped space next to the building to Amerco Real Estate Company for $1.71 million. The property is going to be used by U-Haul.

Also in Halls, Turner Homes LLC sold 6 attached condo units on Ancient Glacier Lane in the new Snowmass subdivision off East Emory Road, to Sugarland WAK LLC for $1.6 million.

And rounding out the commercial transfers was the sale of 2 office condos in the historic Tyson Place building at 2607 Kingston Pike. Mabry Partners Partnership purchased the units from Barcelona Properties GP for $1.4 million.

Historic Tyson Place

The three-year comparison of deeds recorded has been updated as of May 5, 2023:

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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