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Hello, Monday! April is winding down, and the dogwoods are in bloom. Jeremy Pruitt is mad because only 40,000 fans attended the Orange and White Game. And the school board isn’t telling if they’ve found the money to fund Project GRAD and keep the elementary school magnets.

Larsen Jay (candidate for county commissioner at-large) mailed a postcard endorsement from 500 or so. It reads like a who’s who of Knox County.

Brad Anders (candidate for county mayor) also mailed an endorsement, but with just two names – Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones and District Attorney General Charme Allen. Their issues – safe schools and opioid abuse. Jones also has endorsed Lee Tramel for sheriff.

Sheriff Jones must have missed the memo about his term being up and most of his deputies off supporting Tom Spangler. This high-stakes endorsement just tied Anders to Tramel. And neither is strong enough to pull the other across the finish line.


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