You can go home again

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

The Lambs’ home is on Brabson Drive, but from 1958-1970, Robert Dilworth’s family called the same location home. Last week, three women who were once little girls growing up in the home came back to revisit their childhood home.

April Lamb says there is a bit of a mystery since the Dilworth family bought the home already built in 1958, but records show it wasn’t built until 1960.

The house was featured for its innovative kitchen design and its two level patio.

Reading the caption of the newspaper article included in the gallery photos from early ’60s, it recounts the individuality of the Dilworth home on Black Oak Ridge. It points to the kitchen being in the center of the house opening onto a two-level patio, leading down to a family room that also has access to another lower level terrace. The children pictured in the article are the adults in our picture above: Martha who was 5, Katherine who was nearly 2, and Amy who was under a year old.

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