The Strawberry Moon: Honey Badger captures it again

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“Full moon, so soon
Wishin’ every month of the year could be June” ~Jimmy Buffett “Cliches” (1976)

The Strawberry Moon has a historical allure recognized in popular culture through song and dance and celestial tidings. The June full moon is also associated with the summer solstice, a time typically identified as a connection with the natural world.

The fully risen Strawberry Moon 6/21/24 (photo by Thomas Mabry)

Named for the time of the ripening of strawberries, the Strawberry Moon is a photographer’s delight.

The featured photo was taken just as the sun had set on the western horizon and the moon rose in the east over the Southern Appalachians. The Sunset Alpenglow highlighted the backlit sky and the moon itself.

So, when someone asks “did you see the Strawberry Moon, now you can say, yes, I have, and I wish every month could be June.”

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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