The rabbit who cannot stay home

Sandra ClarkOur Town Kids, West Knox

There’s a rogue rabbit on the loose in West Knoxville. The rabbit just can’t stay home and he hopes (or is it hops?) that kids sheltered for a couple of weeks now will drive by to say hello.

Destinee Dowdy explains:

“On Saturday, April 4, from noon-4 p.m., Rothchild Catering will host ‘The Egg-travagant Easter Drive-Thru,’ a social distancing activity that families can enjoy from the comfort of their car.

“It’s a free-of-cost, one-day experience that will be held at Rothchild Catering, 8807 Kingston Pike. Guests will enter off of Kingston Pike and will be directed to slowly drive through the gigantic 75-feet long, 18-feet tall exhibit tent filled with giant hand-painted decor, all beautifully lit with festive up-lighting. The Easter Bunny will be in attendance, waving safely from afar as he hops through the tent.”

Dowdy, marketing manager for Rothchild, said Rothchild Catering and its companion company, Event Rentals by Rothchild, wanted to cheer up kids and families.

“The event is best suited for families with small children under the age of 10, but everyone is welcome to attend. Only 1-2 vehicles will be allowed to enter the tent at a time. At the end of the tent, parents will have the option to pick up individually packaged cookies as a gift from Rothchild Catering.”

Event info here.


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