Tennova to close Residential Hospice

Sandra ClarkHalls

Tennova Residential Hospice is ending operations effective June 15, 2017.

Russell Mariott, VP of Marketing with Tennova Healthcare, confirmed this today after hospice volunteers told KnoxTNToday that the hospice staff was informed May 15.

Mariott’s statement in full:

It is a privilege to support patients and their families with end of life care and Tennova Home Health and Hospice will continue to provide in-home hospice services. Through agreements with Physicians Regional Medical Center, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities we can support any in-patient hospice needs.

We understand the community’s attachment to the Residential Hospice and have spent more than three years in an exhaustive search to identify another provider. Unfortunately, no other agency has agreed to sustain the facility.

It’s not a coincidence that there are no other residential hospice programs in Knoxville as the delivery of hospice services has changed dramatically since 1999 when the Residential Hospice opened. Most patients prefer to receive hospice care at home and the majority of hospice entities no longer own bricks and mortar. Most hospice organizations now contract with hospitals, nursing homes and other providers that have the staffing and needed facilities to support 24/7 inpatient hospice services.

Patients and families who need hospice services can still secure them through Tennova Home Health and Hospice.”



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