Jail problems can dominate 2019

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

The chief challenge facing Knox County is not new or unexpected. Jail overcrowding is back with a bang.
John Eldridge, the attorney who has driven jail reforms for decades, has filed …

Spangler appeals for overcrowding fix

Shannon CareyFeature

It was a sobering tour.
Five Knox County Commissioners walked the halls of Knox County’s Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility Oct. 10. They visited “pods,” that house various security levels of …

Pension dispute could blow up on law director

Betty BeanFeature

Knox County’s sheriff and mayor joined this week in support of a compromise offered by the county’s pension board to end a lawsuit brought by Law Director Bud Armstrong, who …

Is Tom Spangler tough enough?

Sandra ClarkFeature, Gossip and Lies

Sheriff-elect Tom Spangler beat the man most folks thought would win. Spangler topped Lee Tramel 65-35 percent in the May Republican Primary. With no Democratic opponent, “Spanky” will lead the …

Tom Spangler turns the page

Betty BeanFeature

Sheriff-elect Tom Spangler plans to keep his campaign promises. There’ll be fewer chiefs and more officers in schools, on the road and in the jail in a Spangler administration.
And, in …

Money can’t buy me love

Betty BeanFeature

This time last year, Lee Tramel held a campaign kickoff event at the Lakeside Tavern. The crowd of well-wishers wasn’t just big; it was substantial – a who’s-who of well-heeled …

Glenn Jacobs apparent winner

Sandra ClarkFeature, Gossip and Lies

Glenn Jacobs should mail Roger Kane a check. When Roger started running against Sherry Witt, he posted huge signs with his last name. The signs didn’t help Roger, but Glenn …

Politicians woo SoKno voters

Betsy PickleSouth Knox

Spring may not be in the air yet, but election fever is. Candidates on the ballot for the May 1 county primary have started showing up in South Knoxville, trying …