More street lights coming to Maynardville Highway

Sandra ClarkHalls

Street lights are coming to Maynardville Highway around the Norris Freeway intersection, but it’s taking longer than expected.

TDOT has completed the realignment, including moving two lanes of Halls’ main road, but its budget did not include landscaping or lighting. Halls Business and Professional Association has tackled the landscaping, and Mayor Tim Burchett promised street lights when he met with the HBPA in June.

When asked for an update, Dwight Van de Vate, senior director of Engineering and Public Works, said there’s no cause for concern.

His department has hired the engineering firm Fulghum-McIndoe to prepare the lighting plan and documentation required by KUB and TDOT. “We selected (them) in part because they have done a good deal of this work, and so they’re pretty well versed in preparing plans the way the approving entities want them,” said Van de Vate.

The report will include construction plans for the installation of the lighting fixtures and their associated electrical services, including a KUB- and TDOT-approved photometric layout and details required for appropriate installation. It also will estimate material quantities for bidding. The engineering firm will work with Knox County and the winning contractor to make sure the installation is completed per the specs.

“I spoke with the principal, Billy Fulghum, last week and he said we should anticipate receiving their report this month,” said Van de Vate. “We will move forward as quickly as we can after that, but there are some things outside our control, particularly the KUB and TDOT approval processes.”

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