Rural Metro creates unusual splashpad

Susan EspirituHalls

Rural Metro takes to the streets in more ways than rescue and firefighting. Every summer, they take requests to get a massive cool down with their big ladder truck. Kids and adults enjoy the cool water on a hot afternoon and the adults learn how to support the Rural Metro fire squad.

Rural Metro Fire is an “all hazard” department, which means they respond to everything in Knox County. There are EMTs and paramedics on each of the fire engines, and crews on the three squads are certified in specialty rescue. In Knox County, Rural Metro Fire responds to 19,000 calls annually (and that number climbs every year), with 70% of those calls being medical first responder calls.

If you are in Knox County and would like to bring a fire ladder truck to your neighborhood, contact Jeff Bagwell at his email or call him at 865-765-6493.

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