Powell roundabout now priced at $3 million

Sandra ClarkPowell

Knox County appropriated another $1.5 million in the recently passed budget, driving the cost of the Powell roundabout at Brickyard Road and W. Beaver Creek Drive to $3 million.

The Knox County Engineering and Public Works Department is finishing up the right-of-way acquisitions and hopes to let the project to construction later this year, said county spokesperson Mike Donila. “Officials identified this as a high crash location in 2017 and requested 750,000 in both FY 2019 and FY 2020 budgets.

“Since that time, the county has expanded the scope of the project to include the widening of the remainder of Brickyard (to Powell Drive), moving the roundabout to align with Lyngate Boulevard, and adding (sidewalks) to connect the two nearby (pedestrian) generators, Crown College and Temple Baptist, creating the need for additional funding within the FY 2022 budget of $1.5 million.”

Jim Snowden, senior director of Engineering and Public Works, said the total project is estimated to be $3 million – $2.3 million for construction, and $700,000 for design, right-of-way and permitting fees.

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Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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