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Our March mailer will reach homes this week … and we more than doubled the promised circulation. Able to do so because of display ads from Halls businesses and political candidates. The mailer will reach all homes and businesses in ZIP 37918.

And I’m pictured on the front page with BLUE hair. Obviously, the printers leaned on the cyan button because there is extra blue on every page. In her real estate ad, Laura Bailey has tints of blue, but somehow, Laura pulls it off. I, on the other hand, look like Bart Simpson’s momma.

Five announcements in the mailer:

  1. will celebrate its first anniversary on May 1. Hard to believe. And we’re ready to launch version 2.0 during March.
  2. Talk back: Version 2.0 will allow readers to comment in real time. Don’t ask me how. It’s magic.
  3. Boost for businesses: We publish free to readers because of advertising from seven major businesses. Those are the logo links rotating at the top of each page. The new version will allow “call to action” copy changes in the ads, making them more likely to be clicked.
  4. Community sponsors/writers: We will expand community coverage by selling eight (8) community sponsors for each of 11 pages. This low-cost ad ($150/month) will beef up our pay for freelance writing. So, we’re looking for both sponsors and writers. Give a call to 865-661-8777 to talk.
  5. Sales coordinator: Having exhausted my supply of friends and cousins, has added Jennifer Goodpaster as sales coordinator. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in business/marketing, having worked her way through Berea College. She’s active in the Powell Elementary PTA and is another mountain woman who won’t fold.

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