Lose weight while lowering stress

Sandra ClarkInside 640, Our Town Health

Working with nurse practitioner Dana Webber, special education teacher Michelle Watkins lost 60 pounds and developed a personal plan that addressed her unique health needs through diet, exercise and medi­cations.

Webber works at Fort Sanders Weight Management and Nutrition Center. Watkins recommends the center to anyone wanting to make a long-term healthy lifestyle change.

“If you’ve never struggled with obesity, it’s hard to un­derstand,” Webber says. “I’ve been there, and I get it. I never use the word ‘diet,’ because diets don’t work. Most people have been on diets their whole lives, but gain weight when they go off them.”

Learn more about Michelle Watkins’ journey and Dana Webber’s counsel here: Covenant Health_Weight Mgmt Center

Information provided by Public Relations Department at Covenant Health.

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