Knox the Fox explores the neighbors’ fence

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Knox the Fox went down the street this week on a curious mission to find out why there were 4 tires and a toilet on the neighbor’s fence, with a couple of spares on the ground. I have to admit, Knox just hung around long enough for the picture and didn’t ask for explanation.

So, I thought for sure with a little research, there was logic and history that even Wikipedia could provide. I know by now you are reading with intense curiosity since the actors are still on strike and no new episodes of the three Chicago shows are coming anytime soon.

A quick search of “Why would someone hang tires and a toilet on their fence?” turned up several possibilities.

One possibility is that my dear neighbor could be recycling or repurposing old tires and toilets that would otherwise go to waste. Using these in such decorative ways, saves the planet, right? I highly doubt this is the focus.

Ok, let’s try for the second suggested possibility. In certain regions, the practice of placing tires or toilets on a fence might be a local tradition, folklore or cultural significance. Well, that’s really a stretch for any region of the country and certainly not east Tennessee, considering tires and toilets are a significant symbol of modernization and would hardly symbolize our area’s folklore.

On to number three possibility. In some cases, tires and toilets on a fence might be used as a form of artistic protest or social commentary. It could be a way for someone to express their dissatisfaction with certain issues or draw attention to environmental concerns, waste or consumerism. Still a stretch for me as I am not sure how a toilet suggests consumerism?

Possibility four is more likely. Sometimes, people may display something as ridiculous as tires and toilets on a fence simply to inject some humor or whimsy into their surroundings and a way to add a touch of quirkiness to make people smile or shake their heads as they pass by. Yes, I shake my head every time I pass.

It’s always interesting to explore the context and stories behind what we see every day.

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