Knox goes home to Fripp Island with the Hollands

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Knox the Fox was excited to sneak a trip with the Hollands to Fripp Island, his birthplace. While the endless sandy beach, winding cart trails and the multitude of wildlife are the usual draws to this unique private island, the Hollands found a special element with the Junior Naturalist Program becoming the highlight of their trip.

Mom Beverly describes it as “such a cool program,” especially for an animal lover like daughter Kaylee, who worked very hard to be the first to complete the program while they were there.

In order to compete the program, participants had to finish a checklist of items. Kaylee did the turtle scavenger hunt which included the following:

  1. Finding little brass turtles hidden around the island,
  2. Watching animals being fed
  3. Participating in a walk on the beach to learn all about sea turtles and how to read the nest identification
  4. Participating in a meet the animals interaction
  5. Scraping organisms off a dock to look at them under a microscope
  6. Participating in a husbandry class where she learned how to take care of the animals

The program made such an impact on Kaylee, she is already saying she might want to intern at Fripp when she’s in college!

If you are on your way to Fripp Island this summer, don’t miss the Fripp Island Junior Naturalist Program.

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