Knox County opens third leg of watertrail

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Beaver Creek from Roy Arthur Stormwater Park to Karns Sportspark is open and clear of debris.

Charlie Austin, president of the Beaver Creek Kayak Club, posted the news on Facebook on July 3, 2024, with a big thanks to Knox County Parks & Rec.

This extends the goal of many to get Beaver Creek – all 44 miles of it – cleared and accessible from Clayton Park in Halls to Melton Hill Lake.

The creek is wider and wilder on the Karns end. Take a look at this video.

Talk about free fun right in the old backyard. Powell and Karns (now) have it.

To borrow a phrase from Carol Evans at Legacy Parks: “Now get out and play!”

Sandra Clark is the founder of Knox TN Today and chief cheerleader for Beaver Creek connectivity.


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