Karns Fire gets boost from AT&T

Sandra ClarkKarns

Alan Hill, who handles external affairs for AT&T, was in Hardin Valley on Thursday. He presented $1,000 to the Karns Fire Department. Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and state Reps. Justin Lafferty and Jason Zachary also attended.

Fire Chief Daron Long

Fire Chief Daron Long said the money will be used toward the purchase of LIFEPAK upgrades. Karns Fire Department currently uses four Model 12 versions of the portable defibrillators. Long said the upgrade will be to Model 15 units. He estimated the total purchase price to be $30,000.

“We use them for cardiac monitoring,” said Long. According to the company website, LIFEPAKs constantly monitor heart rates and alert the users to sudden changes. They allow for 12-Lead EKG acquisition and interpretation. The LIFEPAK 15 models include a CPR metronome that verbally tells the first responders when to ventilate the patient. They also monitor oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide levels and blood pressure.

Hill said he learned first-hand the importance of quick response when his wife had a wreck near the Hardin Valley station of Karns Fire Department. “They were Johnny-on-the-spot.”

“They do a great job protecting our community,” said McNally.

Several members of the Karns Fire Department gather with state officials for the check presentation.


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