‘Fire and Ice’ exhibit at Farragut

Sandra ClarkFarragut

The January/February 2018 featured artist for the town of Farragut is nature photographer Mike Naney. His exhibit, titled “Fire and Ice,” is composed of photos he took during recent trips to Hawaii and Greenland.

The Hawaii photos, taken in February 2017, capture lava flowing through a “fire hose,” or lava tube, before falling 60 feet into the ocean below. Mike and his wife, Linda, traveled to the Big Island with the hope of witnessing this dramatic eruption of the Kilauea volcano. The photos were taken from a fishing boat that was a safe distance from the exploding lava bombs, but close enough to steam up his glasses, he said in a post on the town’s website.

The couple traveled to Scoresby Sound in eastern Greenland in August 2017 and spent eight days on a photo tour aboard a 100-foot sailing ship. They spent two days near “Iceberg City,” an informal name for a shallow, narrow channel separating a small island from a larger island. Five of the images in the exhibit illustrate the various iceberg shapes, texture and color they saw in Iceberg City.

Mike’s geology training and passion for earth science influence his artistic interpretation of photographic subjects in wild places, from his backyard to places far from home. He enjoys the serendipity of wandering upon scenes of nature’s beauty, and using science to plan and capture fleeting splendor. He is a member of the Art Market Gallery of Knoxville.

Each month, the work of an artist or group of artists is featured in specially-designed cases on the second floor of the rotunda in Farragut Town Hall. Info: Lauren Cox at ParksandRecInfo@townoffarragut.org or 865-218-3372.

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