Drug deaths drop in ’18

Sandra ClarkOur Town Leaders

District Atty. Gen. Charme Allen ended 2018 with a win. The law enforcement effort she leads has reduced deaths by opioid overdose in Knox County, albeit by just three. In a report released on the DA’s website Tuesday, Allen said drug overdose deaths were 293 in 2017 and 290 in 2018.

Allen has said frequently that she wanted to end the year with fewer than 300 drug deaths.

Her statement:

“In response to the devastating spike of overdose deaths in Knox County, the Drug Related Task Force is proactively analyzing suspected overdose deaths. Law enforcement is analyzing data in real time to pinpoint significant trends, location hotspots and supply sources in order to stem the opioid epidemic in our community.”

To view the 2017 Overdose Victims and the Criminal Justice Report, click here.

To view the 2016 Fatal Overdose Victims and the Criminal Justice System report, click here.


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