Debbie Dadey to visit Tate’s School on Thursday

Sandra ClarkWest Hills

Tate’s School, located in West Knoxville just off Cedar Bluff Road, will host children’s author Debbie Dadey from 1:15-2:15 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 8, in the school library.

Tate’s School is a private, independent school that serves approximately 200 students in preschool through eighth grade. The school is celebrating 50 years of service, 1968-2018.

Tate’s won a personal visit from the renowned children’s author when she challenged areas schools to show up en mass to her book signing last summer, said Tracey Van Hook, director of communications and resource development for Tate’s School.



“The school that had the most students would be rewarded with a personal visit by the author the next school year. Tate’s School secured the win and will be hosting Mrs. Dadey this week in celebration of Children’s Author Week.”

Dadey is the author or co-author of 166 traditionally-published children’s books, including The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series, The Keyholders, and the Mermaid Tales series.

Jana Strader, a second-grade teacher at Tate’s, says, “Some favorites are the Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots and the books featuring Mrs. Jeepers such as Mrs. Jeepers on Vampire Island.

“These books get them excited about reading through the adventures in the books.” Strader introduced the students to Dadey’s books when she began teaching at Tate’s in 2010.

Students have read at least four books in anticipation of Dadey’s visit and expect a special appearance by Mrs. Jeepers. “Lively storytelling, author presentations and hands-on writing projects make books spring to life and inspire a lifelong love of reading and writing,” said Van Hook. “Who knows – we might inspire the next children’s author. Join us!”

Those attending should use the Bob Gray Road entrance, follow signs past the tennis courts to the village area. Park at the pond and proceed to the library, a log building with green doors.

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