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Hope you are having a good week so far – we’re looking for a big Vols win against Missouri this weekend! October ended with 5,725 documents recorded throughout the month. 985 of those were Warranty Deeds that totaled more than $430 million. Trust Deeds made up 1,419 of the total docs and had a value over $500 million.

Nick McBride

The first week of November is now behind us. During the week, we recorded 1,368 documents with 267 Warranty Deeds totaling $98.7 million. Seven of those were properties valued at over a million dollars.

The largest of the three commercial transactions came in at $5.36 million. Privately owned Coastal Supply Company sold eight commercial buildings around town to Wittichen Supply Company. The properties include buildings on Dutchtown Road, Atlantic Avenue and Cooper, Lee and Anderson streets.

Two Kingston Pike properties in the Walker Springs area were included in last week’s commercial sales. The prime piece of real estate on the corner of Kingston Pike and Gallaher View Road, 8401 Kingston Pike, was sold by Lane Family XXVI LLC et al to Russell Government Group LLC for $3.25 million.

Parcels equaling close to 20 acres, including 8835 Kingston Pike, sold for $3.18 million

Just a bit further west, the second property along Kingston Pike included six different, adjoining parcels equaling close to 20 acres. Previously family-owned, the six parcels include 8835 Kingston Pike, as well as adjoining parcels abutting Sinking Creek. West Knoxville Holdings, an LLC with a New York address, spent $3.18 million for the property.

267 loans with a total value over $221 million were recorded last week. The largest was funded by Pinnacle Bank in the amount of $56.16 million. The second-highest loan came from Synovus Bank for $36 million. The eight other loans that topped a million dollars were:

The three-year comparison numbers are below. Looks like 2022 is going to end on a high note!

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Have a great weekend and GO VOLS!



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