Community comes out for Bioblitz

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, South Knox

Last week we announced South-Doyle Middle School Environment Club was hosting a South Knox communitywide event with several partners called a Bioblitz, as part of Knoxville City Nature Challenge

Participants examine specimens found in creeks and area around SDMS

South-Doyle Middle School and community partners celebrated last Saturday by identifying land and aquatic species with iNaturalist. Some of the “coolest” finds were found in the creek where children were heard shouting, “I found a crayfish!” “I found a salamander!”

Debbie Sharp from the Woodlawn Association was one of many who helped to coordinate this event with her focus on bringing more neighbors outdoors.

Community participants enjoy Bioblitz

Steve McGaffin from Zoo Knoxville and organizer of the Knox area challenge said that during this event, “We had around 15 observers that made 200 observations of 91 species at Baker Creek. Pretty cool!” Currently they are at 856 species for the greater Knox area! Hannah Lee, also at Zoo Knoxville, led a group of high school students around the area to make first-hand observations about our lovely state reptile, the Eastern Box turtle.

Jennifer Sauer, a science teacher at South Doyle Middle School has been organizing this event at SDMS for 3 years now. She believes, “the more children get outdoors and explore, the better chance there is of them becoming good stewards of our outdoor communities.”

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