Breaking: Chick-fil-A agrees to same-size sign

Sandra ClarkOn the Grow, West Knox

Eat mor Chikin!

Chick-fil-A in Bearden will replace its old monument sign with a similar sign, following letters and phone calls to the corporate office.

In an email today, Brandy Hardin, asset management team member, wrote:

“Chick-fil-A does not intend on moving forward with a taller sign at (the Homberg Drive) location. Potential impending curb work could impact our entrance, so our third-party sign company notified Chick-fil-A that a new sign was required rather than relocation of the existing structure.

“Although the sign company working on behalf of Chick-fil-A received city approval for a 20-foot sign, the new sign will be the exact same height of our current 14-foot sign and it will be a brick-based monument sign (not a pole sign) once the work is complete. The current pole and footer are in place merely to provide a sturdy base. The pole will be trimmed from its current height of 20 feet and the base will be encased in brick.

“The sign should be completed shortly and it is our sincere hope that the Knoxville community will enjoy the updated signage that still adheres to community wishes.”

Joyce Feld, president of Scenic Knoxville, is pleased that the company will honor its 2012 commitment to the community. She said the replacement sign will not be as attractive as the original, but “better than what we were going to have.”

Feld thanked Knox TN Today writer Larry Van Guilder for “being as outraged about their betrayal of the community as we were and being willing to publish as quickly as you did.” Tuesday’s story is here.

She said franchise owner Eddie Halliday was responsive to community concerns.

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