Big D’s faces beer license revocation

Sandra ClarkHalls, Let's Talk

Spring: The birds are chirping, the teens are promming and the beer inspectors are inspecting. It happens every year.

Convenience markets are prime targets as the Sheriff’s Office sends in cadets under age 21 to attempt to purchase beer. Consequences are serious – suspension of beer license for 30 or 60 days or a fine of $1,000 or more.

Knox County Commission sits as the Beer Board, and at its March meeting one owner was near tears as he explained that his employees had undermined him. “Offenses don’t happen when I’m there.” It was the usual choice of fine or suspension. Most operators choose the fine.

This Monday, April 26, the Beer Board will tackle a tough case from Halls where owner Karim Shad of Big D’s at 6501 Maynardville Hwy. will face his third offense in six months. Shad must anticipate a revocation of license because there’s a request on the agenda for another license holder for this location.

Two businesses were cited for second offense:

  • The Shell Station, 7135 Clinton Hwy. (January and April of 2021).
  • Rocky Top Market, 2064 Castaic Lane (January and April of 2021).

Cited on first offense were:

  • Don Gallo, 1600 Choto Markets Way
  • Mr. Zip, 5515 Strawberry Plains Pike
  • Pilot, 2801 E. Gov. John Sevier Hwy.
  • Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy.
  • Weigel’s # 20, 2119 Emory Road

Applications for new licenses come from:

  • Diva Inc., Big D Food Store, 6501 Maynardville Hwy.
  • Daniel Keith Wadley, Renea’s Place, 6343 Rutledge Pike
  • Mohan Inc., Mohan Inc., 8001 Millertown Pike.

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