Signage installed for Veterans Memorial Mile

Sandra ClarkFeature, Karns/Hardin Valley

Solway has new signage for Veterans Memorial Mile, a section of State Route 62 from the Solway bridge to State Route 162. Legislation designating the name was sponsored by state Rep. Roger Kane and state Sen. Richard Briggs, who represent the area. Funding came from the office of Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, who also represents a portion of northwest Knox County.

The legislation also requires the state Department of Transportation to partner with veterans’ groups on future projects designed to beautify this portion of highway.

“I am hopeful that these signs will remind those who travel on the Veterans Memorial Mile of the selfless sacrifices made by our military heroes and inspire them to support our courageous service members and their families,” said Kane.

“I believe these signs are an outstanding way to honor our veterans,” said McNally. “They will serve as a consistent reminder of the sacrifices our veterans make to ensure our freedom and prosperity.”

Briggs added: “By allowing for the beautification projects, we hope that it results in a source of pride for our military branches.”

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