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Tom Harrington has volunteered with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for several years. His job is to walk trails to photograph and report on wildflowers in bloom.

Tom has volunteered to submit these reports to KnoxTNToday, and we say, “Why not?”

Hopefully, this will encourage readers to go walk some trails. Or at least we can enjoy Tom’s pictures.

Wildflower Report

Ace Gap Trail (B to about 1 miles before old campsite #7I

April 21, 2023

Sweet White Trillium

Blackberry – Some – Close to peak bloom.

Buttercup – Few – Slightly past peak bloom (could not decide if Hispid or Early Buttercups).

Cancer Root – (2 stalks with 5 blooms total) – Past peak bloom.

Carolina Vetch – Some – Past peak bloom.

Catesby Trillium – Many + – About half at peak bloom with about half beyond peak bloom.

Common Cinquefoil – Many – Mostly at peak bloom.

Crested Dwarf Iris – Many – Some at peak bloom & some beyond peak bloom. (some nice ones).

Dog Hobble – Few – Just starting to bloom.

Dogwood – Few – Past peak bloom (about gone).

False Solomon’s Seal – (2) – Just starting to bloom.

Fire Pink – Some – Approaching peak bloom (very colorful – 1st half mile).

Flame Azalea – Some – Close to peak bloom (a few blooms fading with the heat).

Galax – (2) – Just starting to bloom.

Halberd Leaf Violet – Few – Beyond peak bloom.

Meadow Parsnip – Many – AT peak bloom (first half mile of the trail).

Mountain Laurel – (1 shrub just starting to bloom).

Plantain Leaf Pussytoe – Few – Beyond peak bloom (one patch of them).

Robins Plantain – Many – Well beyond peak bloom (about gone).

Rue Anemone – Few – At peak bloom.

Solomon’s Seal – Many – At peak bloom.

Star Chickweed – Few – At peak bloom.

Star Grass – Many – At peak bloom.

Stone Crop – Few – Just beyond peak bloom.

Sweet Shrub – Few – Just starting to bloom (attractive).

Vernal Iris

Vernal Iris – Few – Some at peak bloom (note: 3 of them look like orchids – photographers delight).

Wild Geranium – Many – Past peak bloom.

Wild Oats – Many – Some at peak bloom – others beyond peak bloom.

Wood Violet – Few – At peak bloom.

Yellow Trillium – Some – At peak bloom.



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