Double Dip

Christopher RobinArts 865, Grainger

Boy, is it hot! Who doesn’t love a double-dip ice cream cone on days like today?
Who doesn’t love to take a plunge into a cool pool, or lake when the …

Muffin makings

Christopher RobinArts 865

It is nearly blueberry season, a taste of summer. What a pure burst of farm-fresh taste!
I like seeing and painting them piled high in a typical aqua market box, but …

Old friends

Christopher RobinArts 865

Looking for comfort? Peonies just might be the answer.
Like well-loved old friends, peonies show up each year at just the right time. Never stuffy or pretentious, they give a burst …

Lawman legacy

Christopher RobinArts 865

Who are you going to call when you need help? Who do you depend on during an emergency? Everyone is full of praise for our first responders, health care workers …

Bright spot

Christopher RobinArts 865

What a beautiful spring we’ve had, a grief antidote, a bright spot in an unsure time. For years I have passed this scene just down the road from my home. …

Solomon’s watch

Christopher RobinArts 865, Northeast Knox

Painted en plein aire at GATOP (God’s Answer to Our Prayers), a hidden East Knox garden, this is titled “Solomon’s Watch.” Title reasons: Solomon’s seal beside the Trillium was just …

Papal perspective

Christopher RobinArts 865

This breathtaking spiraling structure, the Bramante Staircase in the Vatican, was off-limits the day we visited. Determined to get my shot, I stepped out of line only to be met …

Twisted paper

Christopher RobinArts 865

Just the thought of Mardi Gras week tickles the senses – lots of sights, sounds, colors and of course lots of BEADS!
Drawn to the colors, shapes and textures, this bowl …