Recode is topic of neighborhood meeting today

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Oakwood Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association will host an Open House meeting on Recode Knoxville from 3:30-5 p.m. today (9/16) at the clubhouse, 916 Shamrock Ave. Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets.

“We will use the projector and show you how to navigate the Recode maps and KGIS,” according to the notice.

Additionally, the vice president of OLPNA has joined other neighborhood leaders who want City Council to delay voting on the massive rewrite of city zoning codes now under consideration.

Michelle Ivester explained her request to reset the Recode vote from December until next March or April in this letter to council members:

“As many of you know (association president) Deborah Thomas and I have been attending the Recode Knoxville meetings and have been trying to help spread awareness for this important zone change for our city. My concern is that there are still many city residents that are just not aware of Recode and how it will impact them when the changes are finally made.

“I respectfully ask that instead of trying to push it through in December, that City Council make the wrap-up date sometime in March or April of 2019. That gives city residents more time to get involved and give input.

“(The recent) Recode meeting in Fountain City was well attended, actually one of the best attended that I have been to. It was plainly evident that as more people are becoming aware of Recode, more people are attending the meetings and participating. Again, I hope that the council will extend the Recode deadline, have more informative meetings and allow the city residents to learn about the important zoning changes that are being proposed.

“Thank you for your service!”

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