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The Book Whisperer (TBW) is recommending two books by Emily Henry this week: Book Lovers and Happy Place. If you are a library user, expect a long wait on the holds list. If you cannot wait, visit a local independent book store to purchase these bestselling summer reads.

Emily Henry  began her career writing young adult novels and published four between 2016 and 2019. In May 2020, her first adult fiction novel, Beach Read, was released to smashing success. Since then, she has published four more novels in the romance genre and the books fly off the shelves. Four of the five novels are being adapted for film, and her most recent release, Funny Story, will too, most likely.

First up for this week is Book Lovers, which is Linda’s favorite Henry book, possibly because Henry examines how books have the power to heal. Linda adored these characters and this story. At times she doubled over laughing at the snarky dialogue. A few tears may have been shed, too, because this is a story about family, especially sisterhood, and defining your own love story. If you enjoy the romance genre and are a “Happily Ever After” (HEA) reader, then you will recognize all the tropes, but they are turned upside down and twisted. Readers will laugh, but their heartstrings will be pulled, also.

Move Book Lovers to the top of your “To Be Read” (TBR) list. Julia Whelan, the narrator of the audiobook, was fantastic, if you prefer to listen to your stories.

Linda describes Wyndham “Wyn” Conner of Happy Place as the perfect “Book Boyfriend,” a romance genre term used to describe a male character the reader falls in love with on the page. Happy Place, Emily Henry’s fourth adult novel, is set in a small town in Maine where six friends visit each summer and call their happy place. This particular summer, they are not happy. Secrets, misunderstandings and miscommunications have fractured the group, but each friend is trying to pretend all is well. All is not well! The question Henry is asking in this novel is: “What does it take to find and maintain love and happiness in this life?”

The journey to discovering the answer may be a heart-wrenching ride for the friends.

Pack Book Lovers and Happy Place in your pool or beach bag this summer. The reader will feel “all the feels” and possibly get on the holds list for Henry’s other three novels. Look for them in the Knox County Public Library.

Remember: Knox County Online Library to search for Linda’s recommendations each week.

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