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You won’t find his name on the Founders of Farragut wall, but Ed Whiting got here as quickly as he could. Ed and Val Whiting contributed mightily to the progress of the town. Edwin Whiting passed away on May 31, 2024, at age 89. He and Valerie lived recently in the Asbury community of Maryville.

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams recalls Ed fondly. “We were out checking culverts one day and Ed almost stepped on a copperhead (snake),” Ron said. “Uh, checking culverts?”

Yes, said the mayor. That’s what folks in the engineering profession do for fun. “We walked Turkey Creek.”

Williams said construction of I-75/40 cut off two of three north/south roads (Fretz and Herron) and much natural drainage to the Tennessee River, leaving Campbell Station Road with its interchange the only path through the interstate in Farragut. The men looked for sinkholes and also measured and inspected culverts. “A lot of those (drainage) pipes are rusted in the bottom.”

Ed Whiting proved his mettle, Williams said, with the tenacity he showed as a board member for the Sugarwood Homeowners Association. Seems the subdivision was developed over time and the areas were not “connected” in one HOA. Ed became a notary and went door-to-door asking folks to sign to consolidate. While not everyone did, many did and it strengthened the HOA. Ed also served as president of the Farragut Republican Club at one time.

He served on the town’s planning commission along with other volunteer work. “When he and Val sold their home in Farragut and moved to Blount County, I felt like I had lost my wingman,” Williams said. “Ed was always prepared and always made relevant points.”

Ed Whiting’s full obituary is here.

He was a United States Naval Academy graduate, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, former test pilot and veteran of the Vietnam war. He lived across the United States and abroad before settling in Farragut where he worked on environmental safety at Oak Ridge. He loved to bicycle and raced in countless century races, often beating younger bikers.

The obituary concludes: “Edwin has been described by family and friends as intelligent, reliable, steadfast, and loyal: a beloved son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.” To that we say, Amen.

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