Meet the $6 million car wash

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I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. It was a busy week for the office with a total of 1,537 recordings. Trust Deeds (loans) accounted for 369 and Warranty Deeds (property sales) accounted for 267.

Loans had a combined total value of $273.31 million. The largest trust deed, coming in at $63.5 million, was funded by First National Bank of Omaha. Bank of America came in second on the list with a $57.59 million loan. JP Morgan Chase NA financed one for $17.4 million, other high-value loans:

The 267 warranty deeds had a cumulative value of $109.24 million. There were 12 recorded during the week with a million-dollar or higher price tag. The highest-valued commercial property on the list is at the Schaad Road and Western Avenue intersection. The new PureMagic Carwash located here is in service and has a new owner. RLD Grassy Creek LLC sold the property to PureMagic Carwash of Alcoa LLC for $6.06 million.

In South Knoxville, BGD Development LLC sold 56 more lots in the Chapman Trace Townhome community. Turner Homes LLC is the new owner of the units on Chapman Highway for a ticket of $3.64 million.

Property on Dutch Valley Road

Terminal Services LLC sold three connecting properties in North Knoxville. Dutch Valley Properties LLC purchased the properties at 1400, 1408 and 1430 Dutch Valley for $3.7 million in total.

Just over the ridge from Dutch Valley Drive was another large value closing. Nolen Products Inc. sold 912 Forsythe Street to Excel Holdings LLC for $1 million. The last transfer valued at over $1 million was Summit Capital Ventures LLC selling three adjoining properties. Dempster Holdings LLC purchased 622 N. Broadway, 609 and 611 N. Central for a cumulative $1.05 million.

Our annual comparison chart has been updated through Friday, May 24, 2024:

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Have a great weekend! – Nick

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County


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