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Glenn Jacobs has been endorsed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Jacobs is a candidate for Knox County mayor in 2018. In a press release today, Jacobs says, “I’m extremely proud to be endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, the most conservative and principled Senator in Congress.”

Take that Bob Corker and Lamar!


Rand Paul got 212 votes (out of 64,845 votes cast in the Presidential Primary) in Knox County in March 2016.

Sen. Lamar Alexander got 23,630 votes (out of 47,876 cast for the office) in Knox County in the August Republican Primary in 2014 and received 66,093 votes (out of 103,422) in the November general election that year.

Sen. Bob Corker got 16,104 votes (out of 19,846 cast) in Knox County in the 2012 August GOP Primary, and he piled up 114,940 votes (out of 164,470 cast) in Knox County in the 2012 November general.

Jacobs says he’s a businessman, not a politician, but calling Paul more principled than Corker and Alexander shows a deficiency in common sense. Can’t he accept Paul’s endorsement without slamming Tennessee’s two popular senators?

But Jacobs can take those 212 Paul votes to the bank. Onward, Kane!

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