South Knox to ‘Raise Kane’ Thursday

Sandra ClarkSouth Knox

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and County Commissioner Carson Dailey will join area seniors for a little “Raising Kane” from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, May 30, at the …

Straight talk and filters

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Politicians and businesses are using social media to talk directly with citizens/consumers, bypassing traditional (and even not-so-traditional) media.
There’s Donald Trump on Twitter; Glenn Jacobs with a Friday Facebook broadcast; Tim …

Roger: Over and out

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

It was vintage Roger Kane on Tuesday at the Knox County Commission workshop. And when Kane’s five-minute report to the commission ended, his boss, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, fired …

Kane lobbies in violation of state law

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Former state Rep. Roger Kane is lobbying state legislators despite a state prohibition against doing so within 12 months after leaving office. Kane served three two-year terms in the state …

Spangler appeals for overcrowding fix

Shannon CareyFeature

It was a sobering tour.
Five Knox County Commissioners walked the halls of Knox County’s Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility Oct. 10. They visited “pods,” that house various security levels of …